Talks & Workshop

12th April



with Francisco Gomez Paz, Jorge Mañes Rubio and Marco Sammicheli
Open event from 4pm

Time is the condition that gives a project its meaning. Time as a process, as a context in constant evolution.
Time is the key variable to ideate, design and develop in a systemic way to generate value and innovation.

One topic, three voices.
Different dimensions.
Different approaches and points of view.

13th April


TIME CAPSULE – A fanzine to myself in 2044

from 10am to 4pm registration required

In the context of the Timescapes exhibition, Copy/copy* offers the practical workshop:
TIME CAPSULE – A fanzine to myself in 2044“.

The workshop’s goal is to create a time capsule in the form of a collaborative fanzine that will let participants send a message to themselves 30 years from now.

Meaningful, personal or collective everyday objects, pictures, newspapers or even clothes and toys will be photographed/photocopied so to be part of the paper time capsule.

The workshop will explore personal and collective time in relationship to individual and group dynamics, using them to produce a publication-object.

*Copy/copy is a cultural association founded by Marco Nicotra and Giuliana Tammaro that organizes in Milan MICRO festival a festival of Indie pubblications.

For more info and to register: TIME CAPSULE