Timescapes - Exhibit

project by Logotel
Project & Content Manager Cristina Favini
Curators Susanna Legrenzi, Stefano Maffei

“Mécaniques Discursives”, a site-specific installation created by the Belgian engraver Fred Penelle and the Swiss video-artist Yannick Jacquet. This is a work of art which combines physical elements and projected video imagery to immerse visitors in a visually powerful ambience conceived to convey the leit-motif of the event itself: the concept of time as a measurable dimension in the definition of both the mundane and the imaginary.

A bizarre machine depicted within an image beckons the spectator to enter into a poetic story woven around the objective/subjective value of experience. Once inside, the visitor is surrounded by objets trouvés, engravings, full motion video, parallel worlds, multiple connections, lights and shadows which interact in a succession of chain reactions.
Producer: Nicolas Boritch
Opening Time
Tue  8th, Fri 11th, Sat 12th 10 am – 8 pm
Wed 9th  10 am – 10 pm
Gio 10th    10 am – 1 pm
Dom 13th 10 am – 6 pm