Time is measureable, just like any other physical dimension.
But what happens when these dimensions are brought into play with the subjective reality of design?
What role to they have in relations? And what – other than urgency – do they convey to us?

After exploring the topics of collaboration and invisible design at the last two editions of the Milan Design Week with the projects Making Together (2012) and (In)visible Design (2013), this year, the service design company Logotel hosts the exhibition/event titled “Timescapes”.

Timescapes is a exploratory journey into the concept of ‘time’ through a multitude of case histories which illustrate and compare a wide spectrum of meta-design perspectives spanning design, science, technology, art, literature, cinema, graphics and philosophy.

The backdrop to the exhibition is ‘Mécaniques Discursives’, a visually powerful site-specific installation conceived by Frédéric Penelle and Yannick Jacquet for Milano Ventura Lambrate Design 2014. Once inside, the visitor is surrounded by objets trouvés, engravings, full motion video, parallel worlds, multiple connections, lights and shadows which interact in a succession of chain reactions.

The six-day programme of the exhibition (from April 8 to 13) will be accompanied and complemented by an exclusive business event (on Thursday April 10) exploring the different aspects of time in the context of a contemporary business, which will include the participation of a select panel of over 100 managers and entrepreneurs. On Saturday April 12, Logotel has also organised an afternoon of lectures within the exhibition. These lectures, which will be open to the public, will address the different facets of the concepts of time – specifically the measurement, passage and lack of time: in other words, how it is an integral part of our lives and work.